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Bathroom Design and Refurbishment

The first step is to visit the showroom with a rough sketch of the room, we don't need a scale drawing or even straight lines! We simply need to know the dimensions of the room along with the position and size of doors and windows. This will enable us to look at the product options available to you, and for you to see and touch some of the products.

Once we have agreed on the products and the layout we can arrange for someone to visit your home to confirm that our plan is viable, and to cost the work required. The costing is not done by the sharp intake of breath and chin rubbing method, you will not be pressurised into signing a contract at the time of the visit, in fact you will not even be given the price on the day. The estimator will come back to the office with all his notes and cost the project.

Finally we will invite you back to the showroom, usually the week after the visit, to go through the specification of work required and selected products, then it is up to you.

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