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Waterproof Wall Panels

Increasing in popularity over the years due to their easy-clean hard-wearing surfaces, waterproof wall panels can help create a bathroom or shower area that is easy to maintain and great to look at.


We can offer a range of panels in different sizes and with different materials. The new Selkie panel with a Rearolite core is just a little over a third of the weight of the traditional WBP ply, or exterior grade MDF cores, but remarkably strong.
Alternatively we can offer WBP ply or exterior grade MDF cores in most ranges. Whichever you choose you can be sure of a product that will be admired for years to come.


Designed originally for use in high traffic wet and dry areas, including washrooms, changing rooms and showers.
Durable, resistant to cracking, peeling, flaking, water absorption and discolouration. Giving you an easy clean surface that will stand up to hard use for many years.

Furthermore the absence of mould-attracting grout and the wipe-clean quality of the panels make them an invaluable contribution to the hygiene in these areas.


Using waterproof panels we can create attractive, functional and durable environments in key areas. Apart from domestic use they are ideal for those buildings where demands are high, locations such as:


Some of the finishes are shown below but please bear in mind that it is not possible to reproduce the effect on your monitor, so call in and see samples for yourself.